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Apr. 5th, 2010 | 11:46 pm


This livejournal account is primarily for use to teach general organic chemistry topics through fiction. This will be done through molecule personification to express various reactions and mechanisms, along with vignettes about essential concepts. Each story is supposed to be understandable for somebody who has never taken an organic chemistry course--they are supposed to introduce essential concepts to make learning the concepts later easier and more friendly.

Currently, my plan is to have the first story be a vignette about carbocation stability. That term sounds intimidating at first, but the goal is that by using extended metaphors to express the idea, the term will no longer be intimidating, but instead will be understandable and even friendly.

I believe that science, and chemistry in particular, should be a fun topic to study, and by using fiction as a medium to express and teach, other people will feel the same way.

Right now, the community help_im_diene is under construction, but please join it once it is up and running!

Thank you,

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from: juliangmaxis
date: Apr. 6th, 2010 08:40 am (UTC)

Hey there. I came across this when i was reading yuxo's post.

gosh... never thought i would see the word 'diene' here...at first i was like hmmm...then my belated org chem knowledge kicked in and i was like : oh, those #^&*&(!!! alkenes and conjugation and Diels-Alder reaction @_@

this should be 'interesting' LOL god knows how much i 'dislike'hate it with a burning passion =='

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